Frequently asked questions

Why shop at Artefacts Emporium?
Aside from reducing your carbon footprint and living a more eco-friendly lifestyle, Artefacts stock is not the usual grungy thrift shop clothing you would expect to find when buying second-hand/pre-loved. Artefacts stock goes through quality checks both before it is placed into stock and then again before it is shipped in an online order. If an item is found to be in less than suitable condition during the outgoing (online) inspection it is immediately removed from stock and the online customer is contacted via email. You will be given a store credit to replace this item in your current order or to be used at a later stage should you not find anything to your liking right away.
Do you have a physical shop?



Yes, I do. Although this was not my original intention (with my dream being to run an online shop) but due to requests from local customers during the start-up period of Artefacts, my mom graciously offered me use of our double garage. The showroom is by no means a boutique shop but it serves it’s purpose & I adore my little space.

If you want to help along this little dream; shop and consign to your hearts content! It’s affordable & good for the environment too 😉 . I love watching Artefacts blossom into something unique & beautiful, I invite you to be a part of the journey with us.

Where is your shop?



Artefacts Emporiums viewing space/showroom is located at my family home in Hillcrest, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. If you would like to set up an appointment to view please contact me via my WhatsApp on 061 977 1537 for the address and details. If you do know the address please remember to book an appointment & to use our intercom to ask someone to let you in (bottom button).

Running the shop from home means that we do have animals around (as you’ll see on social media) so I ask everyone to please keep this in mind when driving up the driveway (no fast and furious vibes please). The dogs are very cute and although behind a fence they do bite and if provoked can clear (jump) the fence so please don’t pet or tease them (and keep children with you inside the showroom, we love kids and wouldn’t want to risk harm or fright). Please also refrain from walking up into the cottage area, our tenants enjoy their privacy as we all do and we’d like to respect that 😉 . Thank you.

When are you open?


Artefacts Emporium doesn’t have pre-set open hours, as it is predominantly an online shop.

From time to time I do host “Open Hours” & make use of the Artefacts Emporium, Facebook page & WhatsApp group to notify customers of upcoming events. (Open days/evenings are when you are free to pop in, browse, try on, purchase & collect your online purchases.)

We have also been known to do a market every so often with our sister company Trouvaille. So stay tuned to the Facebook page, Instagram or even better ask to join the WhatsApp group for these notifications and more!

Are your clothes second hand?
Yes. Artefacts stock comprises predominantly “Pre-Loved” stock, which means that the items are in fact second hand. But we also stock “New” clothing (which is pretty straight forward) and “Newly Loved”, my spin on “New” clothing that came into Artefacts with their original retail swing tags still on (the items unworn) but in need of a little TLC (quick wash or wipe) due to having been in storage or just hanging out in someone’s closet for a while. We’re all guilty of having an item or two in our closets that fits that last description… Let’s be honest, it’s just a woman’s prerogative and there’s nothing wrong with that!

All items are clearly marked and there’s no trickery at play! Honesty is the best… Scratch that! Honesty is the ONLY policy!

Online exchanges


• Due to the nature of Artefacts Emporium (being a consignment based shop) all online exchanges must be formally submitted via email to within 2 days [Monday – Sunday] from date of delivery [In other words you are obligated to inform us within 48hrs of receipt of goods, should you wish to exchange an item/s].  So please check & fit your items once received & get in touch within 2 days [Monday – Sunday] from date of delivery to avoid disappointment.


• If an exchange is not formally submitted via email to within 2 days [Monday – Sunday] from date of delivery/receipt your return will not be valid.


• For items that are purchased online to be collected at a later date, you are given no more than 5 working days [Monday – Saturday] from date of your payment clearing to collect your order & 2 days [Monday – Sunday] from date of collection to formally submit your exchange via email to (provided that collection is made within 5 working days).  


• When submitting an exchange the items must still be in the same condition as when they left Artefacts Emporium: in original packaging (if applicable), unworn (except for trying on), undamaged/in saleable condition & with all swing-tag still attached to garments (undamaged – if the swing-tag is damaged we reserve the right to assume that the item/s have been worn).  In light of the COVID 19 precautions we ask that if returning an item/s you please refrain from washing, ironing or tumble drying any of the items you plan to send back to us (as this could cause damage to the items or result in the swing-tag being removed).  If you would like to aid in “flattening the curve” please consider using an aerosol sanitizer (70% alcohol based is advised) to spray the items, allowing them to dry & then packaging to send back to us). I thank you for your orders, support & consideration during these trying times.


• If an online exchange is approved, the items must be sent back to Artefacts Emporium within 4 working days [Monday – Saturday] from date of delivery at the customers own cost.


• No exchanges are allowed for items which are purchased in a “SALE” which may appear on the Artefacts Emporium website, Facebook page, Instagram, mailer or in the form of a coupon.


• All exchanges are done via a “store credit” to the value of what you paid for the item. This will be sent to you via email in the form of a coupon code, for you to exchange your item.


• As our items are being sold at such a low price the buyer will need to cover ALL shipping costs of returning as well as sending their exchanged item/s off to their stipulated address.


• Store credits issued by Artefacts Emporium have no expiration date. Please be sure to understand the above criteria prior to submitting an exchange with Artefacts Emporium.

What is consignment + how does it work?

If you are looking to sell your clothing either new or pre-loved and don’t have the time or interest to do so privately, Artefacts can sell them for you at a price that we have both agreed upon and that is also priced fairly for the customer. Pricing of your items is done via email and I get in touch with you after I’ve had a chance to sort through your items. If you agree to proceed and an item/s is sold I take a percentage of the resale price as my commission and you receive the rest of the proceeds at your first payment notification point at +/- 3 months after placement.

There are no placement or admin fees, unless I request to wash your items prior to placement into stock (which I will notify you of in advance). If you want to avoid this all together please ensure that your items are freshly washed/rewashed and properly dried before you consign (items packed away and dropped off with me while damp will begin to smell and will require rewashing so please ensure they’re not damp).

After your consignment period is up you are welcome to take your unsold items back at no additional fee or extend the consignment period further (should we both agree it to be beneficial).

With Artefacts consignment process you receive emailed copies of all the paperwork that you sign (contract, payment forms and return/donation forms). In addition you also receive a delivery slip when consigning for your peace of mind. Artefacts no longer do hard copies. As an eco-friendly business we’re trying to to do our small part to be more kind to our planet.

What items do you take in on consignment?

“””o”At this time I only sell women’s clothing (please try not to include teen/girls’ clothing in your consignment). This includes everything from accessories (such as belts, jewelry, handbags, scarves and hats), shoes (not exercise/workout shoes, smelly, scuffed or damaged shoes should also please be removed), clothing (tops, skirts, pants, dresses, jackets, jerseys, coats, evening wear and formal-wear).

Although I conduct a very detailed fault check, I ask all of my consignors to please filter out any items that have faults in order to save time and space (let’s keep everything moving smoothly). Some faults include: noticeable pulled threads, stains/marks that you couldn’t remove yourself (that’s why I also ask you to reward everything before consigning, if I find a mark I already know it’s not going to budge), broken zips, missing buttons (if it’s not a simple matter of moving one that isn’t usually used), ripped/torn items, items that are thinning, stretched items, items with fabric “fuzz”, items you’ve altered (especially home altered).

My customer base is mostly ladies between the ages of around 25 to 50 so the style is very important. For this reason I don’t consign “older style” (bluntly put: outdated) items of clothing. Naturally some things come back into style but there are some things that have significantly less chance of doing so, please filter these out as well. Fun pieces are always welcome!

Regrettably there are some items that I do not consign (and would greatly appreciate you removing them from your consignment before leaving it with me) such as: wedding-wear, sleepwear, swimwear, underwear/lingerie, hosiery (stockings, tights, leggings) or socks.

NB: I do not guarantee that your items will sell. Although I have a general idea of what my customers may like, size, personal style, season and a number of other factors all play into it (all of which are sadly out of my control).

If you’re interested in consigning please feel free to get in touch to set up an appointment to drop off your items.  I’ll also ask for your email address to send you some more info & our “consignment checklist” to aid you in the sorting process :).


Do you buy clothing?

I generally work on consignment (this is my preference due to the initial financial outlay and risk of the items not selling) but depending on the items you are looking to sell I may be able to make an offer for a smaller cash payment from time to time.  Please note that it’s only on very rare occasions that I offer to buy stock & I would generally advise you to go the consignment route as you’d likely make more profit off of your items if you “hang in there”.