Pre-loved. Re-loved. Magically you!

Artefacts is an online second hand clothing consignment store, based in Hillcrest, KZN, South Africa. We’re not your typical grungy thrift shop. We take pride in selling high quality, pre-loved clothing online. Strict quality checks ensure that our items are in superb condition – before placing into stock, and again before adding to a customer’s order.

Our stock comprises mostly pre-loved fashion. However we only choose clothing and accessories that are gently used and don’t show excessive wear and tear.

Artefacts also sells a selection of newly-loved, and even new, clothing and accessories. Newly-loved items come into the store with their retail swing tags still attached. They are unworn, but in need of a little TLC because they’ve been in storage or just hanging in a closet for a while.

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We sell fashion with [Re]purpose

Buying pre-loved clothing online saves money, and it’s good for the environment! The energy used to produce just one item of clothing is so high. Most clothing that is thrown out still has a lot of wear in it. When you buy second hand, you’re giving a garment a new lease on life, and reducing your own carbon footprint!

With Artefacts, you can shop high quality pre-loved fashion online and have your order couriered. Or, you can pop in to our showroom to browse and buy. Please WhatsApp us for more details on our weekly open hours or to be added to the WhatsApp Group.

Sell your second hand clothing online

At Artefacts, we turn pre-loved into re-loved!

Do you have clothes hanging in your closet that you don’t wear anymore? If they are in good condition, Artefacts can sell them for you! We accept new and second hand clothing that is gently worn with no signs of excessive wear.

Artefacts is a pre-loved clothing consignment store that makes it easy for you to sell your used clothes, shoes and accessories. Contact us to find out how we can help you clear out your cupboard and make a little extra money!

The Artefacts shopping promise

At Artefacts, we make shopping for pre-loved fashion online secure and convenient. Our high quality used fashion items are in excellent condition.

Quality guarantee
Our stock goes through a 2 step quality check process to ensure that items are in good condition.
Secure payment
Our website is protected by an SSL security certificate to ensure 100% secure online payments.
Nationwide delivery
We offer delivery throughout South Africa, or you can collect at our showroom in Hillcrest.